Tiger Emojis FAQ

  • Q. What are emojis?

    A. Emojis are small digital images or icons used to express an idea or emotion in electronic messages and web pages.

  • Q. Are emojis free?

    A. Yes! Our Tiger emojis are completely free of charge, they’re our Christmas gift to you, designed with love in Denmark.

  • Q. Why do I need to copy paste them to use them?

    A. Regular emojis are unicode which means they are text. Unicode emojis are voted upon by a college of people across the world, and for this reason no brands have unicode emojis. All third party keyboards (including our Tiger emojis) are image based, and every messaging app handles images a little bit differently.

    This is how to Tiger Emoji

    1. Select the Tiger Emoji keyboard

    2. Click on an Emoji to share

    3. Click in the text filed and paste

    4. Send as a photo

    5. Tiger Emoji!

  • Q. But I thought Emojis were smaller than this?

    A. We have optimized our keyboard for WhatsApp since this is the primary messaging app our customers are using. WhatsApp scales up images to a large size (500x500px), so in the interest of having the best experience on that app we have made images this size (that's why they're bigger than regular emojis).

  • Q. How do I install them?

    A. follow the instructions in the screenshots below:
    If you are on iOS9 you may need to accept and trust GOLDRUN as a developer in your settings. To do this, please follow these instructions: Go to Settings - General - Profiles - tap on Profile - tap on Trust button.

  • Q. Why do I need to "Allow Full Access"?

    The "Allow Full Access" is a default requirement from Apple, and unfortunately we can not control this messaging, and Apple requires full access for all third party keyboards to work on their platform. We do not collect any information that links back to any individual person, that means that we do not collect personal data or credit card info. Hope you'll enjoy our #tigeremojis! :)

  • Enjoy!

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